Decoded Slug: Preposition 'về'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Preposition 'về'

Preposition 'về'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate movement towards, concerning or about something.


Subject + Verb + về + object/place/topic


Anh ấy đang đi về nhà.
He is going home.
Chị ấy đang nói về người anh của mình.
She is talking about her brother.
Cô ấy hỏi về cuốn sách mà tôi đang đọc.
She asked about the book I was reading.
Bố mẹ tôi sắp về quê.
My parents are about to go back to their hometown.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese preposition 'về' is used to show movement back towards a place or a direction. It can also be used when talking or asking about a particular topic or issue. In English, it can be translated as 'about' or 'towards'.

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