Decoded Slug: Price expression: 'giá bao nhiêu'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Price expression: 'giá bao nhiêu'

Price expression: 'giá bao nhiêu'

Short explanation:

Used to inquire about the price of items or services.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Quyển sách này giá bao nhiêu? Quyển sách này giá 100.000 đồng.
How much does this book cost? This book costs 100,000 dong.
Vé xem phim này giá bao nhiêu? Vé xem phim giá 60.000 đồng.
How much is the movie ticket? The movie ticket is 60,000 dong.
Áo này giá bao nhiêu? Áo này giá 300.000 đồng.
How much is this shirt? This shirt is 300,000 dong.
Một ly cà phê giá bao nhiêu? Một ly cà phê giá 40.000 đồng.
How much does a cup of coffee cost? A cup of coffee costs 40,000 dong.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese phrase 'giá bao nhiêu' is a common expression used to ask about the price of something. It is often used when shopping or bargaining and is equivalent to 'how much does it cost' in English. This phrase is essential when navigating through buying and selling situations in Vietnamese.

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