Decoded Slug: Quantity question word 'mấy'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Quantity question word 'mấy'

Quantity question word 'mấy'

Short explanation:

Used to ask about an uncertain quantity or number.


Example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Em có mấy quyển sách?
How many books do you have?
Cửa hàng này bán mấy loại bánh vậy?
How many types of cakes does this shop sell?
Bạn có mấy người con?
How many children do you have?
Mẹ đã mua mấy con vịt về nuôi?
How many ducks has mother bought to raise?

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the word 'mấy' serves as a question word used to inquire about an uncertain quantity or number. It has the similar meaning as 'how many' or 'how much' in English. It is frequently used to ask questions about the quantity of an object, the number of people, etc. Note that this is often used for quantities typically less than 10.

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