Decoded Slug: Reduplication 'chim chóc'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Reduplication 'chim chóc'

Reduplication 'chim chóc'

Short explanation:

Used to describe something in a playful or dismissive manner.


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Tôi không quan tâm đến những chuyện chim chóc như thế.
I do not care about those little trivial matters.
Cái vụ này chỉ là chuyện chim chóc, không cần phải suy nghĩ nhiều.
This issue is just a trivial matter, no need to think too much.
Anh đừng bận tâm về những chuyện chim chóc của những người khác.
Don't worry about the trivial matters of others.
Nếu cứ lo lắng về mấy chuyện chim chóc như vậy, chúng ta sẽ không tiến lên được.
If we keep worrying about such trivial things, we will not be able to progress.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese reduplication, 'chim chóc', is used as a playful or dismissive way of describing something, often in a slightly belittling manner. The phrase 'chim chóc' is specifically used to refer to small, insignificant things in a rather cute or dismissive manner. The term is commonly used in informal and colloquial language.

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