Decoded Slug: Reduplication 'sáng sáng'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Reduplication 'sáng sáng'

Reduplication 'sáng sáng'

Short explanation:

Used to describe an action occurring repetitively or persistently, or to emphasize a state.


Example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Sáng sáng, bạn thức dậy sớm vậy, bạn có bị mệt không?
Waking up so early, aren't you tired?
Sáng sáng, chị đi đến cửa hàng trước khi giờ mở cửa.
She goes to the store very early, before it opens.
Sáng sáng, ông lên đồi để ngắm mặt trời mọc.
He goes up the hill very early to watch the sunrise.
Sáng sáng, tôi thích tản bộ dọc bờ biển.
Early in the morning, I like to walk along the beach.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese grammar, 'sáng sáng' is a form of reduplication. This grammar point is used to express an action, condition, or event that is ongoing, persistent, or repetitive. It can also be used to emphasize a certain state, giving the sentence a descriptive or emphatic effect. It is important to note that not all words can be reduplicated, and the vocabulary may change meaning when it is reduplicated.

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