Decoded Slug: Reduplicative 'nhè nhẹ'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Reduplicative 'nhè nhẹ'

Reduplicative 'nhè nhẹ'

Short explanation:

Used to describe an action that is done lightly or subtly.


verb + nhè nhẹ or nhè nhẹ + verb


Anh ấy nhè nhẹ mở cửa ra để không làm đánh thức mọi người.
He lightly opened the door not to wake everyone up.
Cô ấy nhè nhẹ đặt quyển sách xuống bàn.
She delicately put the book on the table.
Tôi nhè nhẹ nhấn nút để không làm hỏng máy.
I lightly pressed the button so as not to damage the machine.
Cô ấy nhè nhẹ chạm vào bức tranh để không làm hỏng nó mất.
She lightly touched the painting to avoid damaging it.

Long explanation:

The reduplicative 'nhè nhẹ' in Vietnamese is used to describe an action that is executed with a light touch or in a subtle manner. It gives a nuance of understatedness, discretion, or delicacy to the verb it modifies. The reduplicated form often adds an extra layer of description in Vietnamese language, unless the verb itself already implies a subtle action.

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