Decoded Slug: Rejecting structure 'không … đâu'

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Rejecting structure 'không … đâu'

Rejecting structure 'không … đâu'

Short explanation:

Used to negate or reject a statement, clarification or suggestion in Vietnamese.


'Subject + không + verb/adjective + object (if any) + đâu'


Tôi không có tiền đâu.
I don't have money at all.
Cô ấy không hiểu tiếng Anh đâu.
She doesn't understand English at all.
Tôi không đi đâu cả, tôi vẫn ở nhà.
I'm not going anywhere, I'm still at home.
Tôi không ngốc đâu, tôi biết bạn đang nói dối.
I'm not stupid at all, I know you're lying.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese structure 'không … đâu' is a rejection phrase used to negate or reject a statement, clarification or suggestion. It is equivalent to 'not ... at all' or 'no ... anywhere' in English. The word 'đâu' is placed at the end of the sentence to add emphasis to the negation.

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