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Sentence + 'nhỉ'

Sentence + 'nhỉ'

Short explanation:

Used at the end of a sentence to create a rhetorical question or seek agreement.


Sentence + 'nhỉ'


Thời tiết hôm nay đẹp nhỉ?
The weather is nice today, isn't it?
Bộ phim đó hay nhỉ?
That movie is good, isn't it?
Chúng ta nên đi dạo một chút chứ nhỉ?
We should take a walk, don't you think?
Cậu ấy giỏi quá nhỉ?
He's quite talented, isn't he?

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'nhỉ' is a particle placed at the end of a sentence to convert the statement into a rhetorical question or to seek agreement. It is similar to the English expressions like 'isn't it?', 'aren't they?', or 'don't you think?'. The use of 'nhỉ' makes the sentence less assertive and more friendly, and is often used in casual conversation.

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