Decoded Slug: Tense marker 'đã'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Tense marker 'đã'

Tense marker 'đã'

Short explanation:

Used to express past tense in Vietnamese.


Subject + 'đã' + Verb


Tôi đã ăn sáng rồi.
I've eaten breakfast.
Họ đã đi đến phòng khám rồi.
They went to the clinic.
Cô ấy đã mua nhà mới rồi.
She bought a new house.
Chúng tôi đã đi du lịch ở Đà Nẵng rồi.
We have traveled in Da Nang.

Long explanation:

The term 'đã' is a aspect marker used to express past actions or events in Vietnamese grammar. This tense marker usually combines with action verbs to form the past tense. It corresponds to the past tense in English and is used to describe events that have already happened.

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