Decoded Slug: Tense marker 'đang'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Tense marker 'đang'

Tense marker 'đang'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate an action that is currently happening or in progress.


Subject + đang + Verb


Tôi đang ăn tối. Bạn có muốn ăn cùng không?
I am having dinner. Would you like to join?
Họ đang làm việc ở công ty.
They are working at the company.
Cô ấy đang nấu một bữa tối ngon tuyệt.
She is cooking a delicious dinner.
Ông ấy đang đọc một cuốn sách rất thú vị.
He is reading an interesting book.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'đang' is used as a tense marker to indicate an action or event that is currently happening or in progress. Comparable to 'is' or 'are' in English when used with a verb to describe ongoing action. It is usually placed before the main verb in a sentence.

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