Decoded Slug: Tense marker 'chưa'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Tense marker 'chưa'

Tense marker 'chưa'

Short explanation:

Used to denote an action that has not yet been realized or completed.


subject + chưa + verb


Bạn chưa ăn sáng à?
Have you not had breakfast yet?
Mình chưa đi du lịch ở Việt Nam bao giờ.
I have never traveled in Vietnam.
Chị ấy chưa về nhà.
She has not come home yet.
Tôi chưa từng thấy cái gì đẹp như vậy.
I have never seen anything as beautiful as this.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese grammar marker 'chưa' is used to indicate an action or event that has not yet happened or been completed. It resembles the English concept of 'not yet'. The marker 'chưa' usually placed before a verb to indicate the unrealized action.

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