Decoded Slug: The question word 'gì'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
The question word 'gì'

The question word 'gì'

Short explanation:

Used to ask about objects, ideas, actions, or details that the speaker does not know.


subject + verb + 'gì'


Bạn đang làm gì vậy? Tôi đang đọc sách.
What are you doing? I’m reading a book.
Anh ấy làm nghề gì vậy? Anh ấy là giáo viên chúng tôi.
Who is he? He is our teacher.
Đây là gì? Đây là một quyển sách.
What is this? This is a book.
Con muốn gì nào? Con muốn uống nước.
What do you want? I want to drink water.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese question word 'gì' is used when we want to find out some information about something that we do not know. It’s equivalent to 'what' in English. It can be used to ask about both tangible objects and intangible ideas or actions. The question word 'gì' is used at the end of the sentence in Vietnamese.

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