Decoded Slug: The verb 'sinh'

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The verb 'sinh'

The verb 'sinh'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the act of 'giving birth', 'producing', or 'creating'.


subject + sinh + Noun


Chị ấy đã sinh một bé gái.
She gave birth to a girl.
Công việc này sinh ra rất nhiều lợi nhuận.
This job produces a lot of profit.
Việc học hỏi không ngừng sẽ sinh ra kiến thức sâu rộng.
Continuous learning produces deep knowledge.
Sự nghiệp âm nhạc của cô ấy đã sinh ra nhiều ca khúc nổi tiếng.
Her music career has produced many hit songs.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'sinh' plays a paramount role in describing the act of giving birth or producing something. In English, it can be translated as 'give birth', 'produce', or 'create', depending on the context. It is often followed by nouns to denote what was given birth to, created or produced.

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