Decoded Slug: The word 'có' in the sense of yes

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The word 'có' in the sense of yes

The word 'có' in the sense of yes

Short explanation:

Used as an affirmation or to indicate the existence of something.


nếu được hỏi = if asked, [câu hỏi] + có không? = [question] + yes or no?, [câu trả lời] + có = [answer] + yes


Bạn có đi đến buổi tiệc không? Có, tôi sẽ đi.
Are you going to the party? Yes, I am going.
Cô ấy có biết bạn không? Có, cô ấy biết tôi.
Does she know you? Yes, she knows me.
Có ai ở nhà không? Có, bố tôi đang ở nhà.
Is anyone at home? Yes, my father is at home.
Bạn có xe đạp không? Có, tôi có một chiếc xe đạp.
Do you have a bicycle? Yes, I have a bicycle.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, the word 'có' is used in various contexts. One of its primary uses is to affirm something or to respond 'yes' to a question. It's also used to imply that something or someone exists or is present. In addition, 'có' can be used in a sentence to indicate possession.

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