Decoded Slug: Time expression 'trước khi'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Time expression 'trước khi'

Time expression 'trước khi'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate 'before' something happens.


trước khi + event/action


Tôi đã ăn trước khi đi làm.
I ate before going to work.
Trước khi đến trường, cô ấy đã chuẩn bị bài học.
Before going to school, she prepared her lessons.
Trước khi gặp bạn, tôi đã mua hoa.
Before meeting you, I bought flowers.
Chúng tôi đã kiểm tra lại thông tin trước khi gửi báo cáo.
We double-checked the information before sending the report.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese language, 'trước khi' is a time expression which means 'before'. It is used to indicate that one action happens before another one. It is equivalent to the English structure 'before'. The thing that follows 'trước khi' is the action that happens first.

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