Decoded Slug: Time expression 'trong'

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Time expression 'trong'

Time expression 'trong'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate 'during' or 'within' a specific timeframe.


trong + period of time


Tôi sẽ hoàn thành công việc đó trong hai tuần.
I will complete that task within two weeks.
Chúng tôi sẽ di chuyển vào nhà mới trong tháng sau.
We will move to our new house during next month.
Cô ấy đã học tiếng Nhật trong ba năm.
She has been learning Japanese for three years.
Trong tuần này, tôi phải hoàn thành báo cáo tài chính.
Within this week, I have to complete the financial report.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'trong' is a time expression used to indicate that something happens during or within a specific timeframe. It's often used with units of time, like hours, days, weeks, and years, to signify the duration within which an event happens.

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