Decoded Slug: Usage of 'tự … lấy'

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Usage of 'tự … lấy'

Usage of 'tự … lấy'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate someone doing something for themselves or by themselves.


'Subject + tự + Verb + lấy'


Tôi tự làm lấy cà phê của mình mỗi sáng.
I make my coffee by myself every morning.
Anh ấy tự học lấy tiếng Nhật.
He learns Japanese by himself.
Chúng tôi tự mua lấy vé xem phim.
We buy the movie tickets for ourselves.
Họ tự nấu lấy bữa tối.
They cook dinner for themselves.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese pattern 'tự … lấy' is used to express the idea that someone is doing something for themselves or by themselves. It is often translated into English as '... by oneself' or 'for oneself'. The word 'tự' is placed before the verb and 'lấy' is placed after it.

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