Decoded Slug: Usage of 'trái'

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Usage of 'trái'

Usage of 'trái'

Short explanation:

The word 'trái' indicates a generic term for fruits in Vietnamese.


noun indicating specific fruit + 'trái'


Tôi thích ăn trái cam vì nó rất ngon và giàu vitamin C.
I like eating oranges because they are very delicious and rich in vitamin C.
Trái chuối là một nguồn cung cấp kali tốt.
Bananas are a good source of potassium.
Trái táo xanh có vị chua nhưng rất tốt cho tiêu hóa.
Green apples are sour but are very good for digestion.
Trái dứa có vị ngọt và rất tốt cho sức khỏe.
Pineapples are sweet and very beneficial for health.

Long explanation:

The word 'trai' in Vietnamese is used to refer generically to fruits. Similar to the English equivalent 'fruit', 'trái' is widely used in combination with the name of the specific fruit. The fruit's name often comes before 'trái'. It is commonly used in Vietnamese daily conversations to talk about fruits.

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