Decoded Slug: Use of 'khắp'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Use of 'khắp'

Use of 'khắp'

Short explanation:

Used to express the meaning of 'all over' or 'everywhere'.


khắp + place / thing


Mùa xuân, hoa đào nở rộ khắp nơi.
In spring, cherry blossoms bloom everywhere.
Tin tức về vụ tai nạn đã lan khắp cả nước.
News of the accident spread all over the country.
Tôi đã đi khắp thế giới nhưng vẫn chưa tìm được nơi mình thực sự muốn đặt chân đến.
I've traveled all over the world but still haven't found the place where I truly want to be.
Cô ấy đã tìm kiếm khắp ngôi nhà nhưng không tìm thấy chiếc chìa khóa.
She searched all over the house but couldn't find the key.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'khắp' is used to express the meaning of 'all over' or 'everywhere'. It is placed before the noun to indicate that something is spread widely or thoroughly across a given area. The word 'khắp' itself does not involve movement and is used to show distribution.

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