Decoded Slug: Use of 'làm gì có'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Use of 'làm gì có'

Use of 'làm gì có'

Short explanation:

Used to express non-existence or denial in Vietnamese.


Subject + 'làm gì có' + Object


Anh ta làm gì có tiền để mua cái xe hơi đó.
There's no way he has the money to buy that car.
Tôi làm gì có thời gian rảnh để đọc sách.
I don't have any free time to read books.
Cô ấy làm gì có kiến thức để dạy cho con tôi.
She doesn't have the knowledge to teach my child.
Chúng tôi làm gì có khả năng trả nợ lớn như vậy.
We have no ability to pay such a large debt.

Long explanation:

'làm gì có' is a phrase in Vietnamese that is used to emphatically deny or dispute something or express that something does not exist or occur. This phrase can be seen as equivalent to English expressions such as 'there is no way' or 'it doesn't exist'. This phrase is often used in conversation to assert a strong denial or disbelief.

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