Decoded Slug: Use of 'từng'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Use of 'từng'

Use of 'từng'

Short explanation:

Used to express a past experience or something that has happened before.


'Subject' + 'từng' + 'Verb'


Tôi từng sống ở Nhật Bản.
I have once lived in Japan.
Anh ấy từng làm việc cho một công ty lớn.
He has ever worked for a big company.
Cô ấy từng đạt giải nhất trong cuộc thi hát.
She has once won the first prize in a singing contest.
Chúng ta từng gặp nhau tại một buổi tiệc, đúng không?
We have met each other at a party before, haven't we?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'từng' is used to convey a past experience or an event that has occurred previously. It is equivalent to 'have ever' or 'have once' in English. Typically, 'từng' is placed before the verb to emphasize the past occurrence of an event.

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