Decoded Slug: Use of the verb 'kịp'

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Use of the verb 'kịp'

Use of the verb 'kịp'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate an action completed just in time or barely within a period.


Subject + kịp + verb/action + [time period]


Tôi kịp về nhà đúng giờ để ăn tối.
I made it home in time for dinner.
Anh ấy kịp hoàn thành công việc trước khi hết hạn.
He managed to complete the work before the deadline.
Chúng ta có kịp đến sân bay trước khi chuyến bay cất cánh không?
Will we make it to the airport before the flight takes off?
Tôi không kịp gặp bạn trước khi bạn đi.
I didn't have the chance to see you before you left.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'kịp' is used to denote that an action is completed just in the time limit or hardly within a given time. This could refer to an event, a task or an action. It translates to 'in time' or 'to make it' in English.

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