Decoded Slug: Use of the verb 'nói'

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Use of the verb 'nói'

Use of the verb 'nói'

Short explanation:

Used to express the action of 'speaking' or 'saying'.


Subject + nói + Object/Content of speaking


Cô giáo đang 'nói' với lớp về bài kiểm tra tuần tới.
The teacher is 'speaking' to the class about the test next week.
'Nói' chuyện với bạn bè sau giờ học là cách tôi giải stress.
'Speaking' with friends after school is how I relieve stress.
Bố 'nói' rằng chúng ta sẽ đi du lịch vào cuối tuần này.
Dad 'says' that we are going to travel this weekend.
Tôi không hiểu những gì anh ấy đang 'nói'.
I don't understand what he is 'saying'.

Long explanation:

In Vietnamese, 'nói' is a frequently used verb that is equivalent to the English words 'speak' or 'say'. It is typically used to express a verbal communication or declaration made by someone. The verb 'nói' can be used with a wide range of subjects and objects.

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