Decoded Slug: Verb 'được'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Verb 'được'

Verb 'được'

Short explanation:

Used to show passive voice or permission, receipt, ability to do something.


Subject + được + Verb (+ Object)


Tôi được mẹ cho phép đi xem phim.
I am allowed by my mom to go to the cinema.
Tôi được cô ấy tặng một cuốn sách.
I was given a book by her.
Tôi được học Tiếng Việt.
I get to learn Vietnamese.
Bài tập này được giáo viên giảng trong lớp.
This exercise was taught by the teacher in class.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'được' is versatile and can be used in a number of different contexts. Primarily, it is used to convert sentences from active to passive voice. In a secondary sense, it can be used to indicate permission or the receipt of something. Lastly, 'được' is used to express the ability to do something.

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