Decoded Slug: Verb 'coi'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Verb 'coi'

Verb 'coi'

Short explanation:

The verb 'coi' is commonly used in Vietnamese to express the action of watching or seeing.


Subject + coi + object


Tôi thường coi phim vào cuối tuần.
I usually watch movies on the weekend.
Anh ấy coi tôi như một người bạn.
He sees me as a friend.
Con bạn thích coi các chương trình hoạt hình hả ?
Does your child like to watch cartoons?
Cô ấy coi cuốn sách này như một báu vật.
She regards this book as a treasure.

Long explanation:

The verb 'coi' directly translates to 'watch' or 'see' in English. In Vietnamese, it is commonly used to express the action of observing objects, events, or media such as television and movies. It can also be used to communicate the act of perceiving or considering something.

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