Decoded Slug: Verb 'khuyên' used with modal verb 'nên'

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Verb 'khuyên' used with modal verb 'nên'

Verb 'khuyên' used with modal verb 'nên'

Short explanation:

Used to give advice or suggestions.


`Subject + khuyên + person getting advice + nên + action`


Tôi khuyên bạn nên ăn nhiều rau xanh để duy trì sức khỏe tốt.
I advise you to eat a lot of green vegetables to maintain good health.
Cô giáo khuyên chúng ta nên ôn tập kỹ trước khi thi.
The teacher advises us to review carefully before taking the exam.
Bác sĩ khuyên tôi nên ngừng hút thuốc lá vì lý do sức khỏe.
The doctor advised me to quit smoking for health reasons.
Anh ấy khuyên tôi nên tham gia khóa học phát âm để cải thiện tiếng Anh của mình.
He advised me to take a pronunciation course to improve my English.

Long explanation:

The use of the verb 'khuyên' followed by the modal verb 'nên' in Vietnamese is used to give advice or make a suggestion. It requires someone to offer or recommend a course of action that they believe is beneficial or sensible. The English equivalent is 'advise to' or 'suggest that someone should'.

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