Decoded Slug: Verb 'xẩy', 'xảy ra'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Verb 'xẩy', 'xảy ra'

Verb 'xẩy', 'xảy ra'

Short explanation:

These verbs are used to indicate the occurrence of an event or action.


subject + 'xẩy' / 'xảy ra' + event/action


Một tai nạn giao thông đã xẩy ra ở gần đây.
A traffic accident happened nearby.
Một sự cố nghiêm trọng đã xảy ra trong quá trình sản xuất.
A serious incident occurred during the production process.
Chúng tôi không biết sẽ có chuyện gì xảy ra trong tương lai.
We don't know what will happen in the future.
Mọi thứ xảy ra đúng như tôi dự đoán.
Everything happened just as I predicted.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verbs 'xẩy' and 'xảy ra' are used to denote the occurrence of an event, situation, or action. They can be compared to the English phrase 'happen'. 'Xẩy' is often used in conversation, while 'xảy ra' is typically used in more formal contexts such as in news report or written text.

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