Decoded Slug: Verb indicating movement direction 'qua'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Verb indicating movement direction 'qua'

Verb indicating movement direction 'qua'

Short explanation:

Used to express movement through or across a place.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Tôi sẽ qua cầu để đến trường đại học.
I will go across the bridge to get to the university.
Chúng tôi đã đi qua rừng để đến đỉnh núi.
We went through the forest to get to the mountain peak.
Cô ấy đã bơi qua sông để về nhà.
She swam across the river to go home.
Họ đang chạy qua cánh đồng để chụp ảnh.
They are running across the field to take a photograph.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'qua' signifies direction of movement and is often translated as 'through', 'across', or 'over'. It is utilized to specify that someone or something is moving from one place to another, passing through a certain location in the process.

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