Decoded Slug: Verb indicating movement direction 'ra'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Verb indicating movement direction 'ra'

Verb indicating movement direction 'ra'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate the direction of movement outward or away from a location.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Cô ấy ra khỏi nhà và đi bộ đến công viên.
She went out of the house and walked to the park.
Hãy đi ra ngoài và vui chơi với bạn bè.
Go out and have fun with your friends.
Tôi phải ra khỏi công ty trước 6 giờ.
I have to leave the office before 6 o'clock.
Sau buổi tiệc, chúng tôi ra khỏi nhà hàng rất muộn.
After the party, we left the restaurant very late.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'ra' is used to indicate the direction of an action in a way that signifies movement away from a specific location or point. This verb often translates to 'out', 'out of', 'exit', 'to leave', or 'to go out' in English, depending on the context.

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