Decoded Slug: Verb indicating movement direction 'sang'

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Verb indicating movement direction 'sang'

Verb indicating movement direction 'sang'

Short explanation:

Used to indicate movement towards the right or crossing over to the right side.


verb + sang + location


Hãy sang đường một cách an toàn nhé.
Please cross the road safely.
Tôi sẽ sang nhà bạn sau giờ làm việc.
I will come over to your house after work.
Tôi đã chuyển sang chế độ ăn uống lành mạnh và tôi đang cảm thấy tuyệt vời.
I have switched to a healthy diet and I am feeling great.
Họ sang quốc gia khác để tìm kiếm cơ hội mới.
They moved to another country to look for new opportunities.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese verb 'sang' implies movement in a certain direction. It is often used to express the action of moving towards the right or crossing over to the right side. When coupled with another verb, it can also mean the transition into a new state or condition.

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