Decoded Slug: Verbs 'trông' + adjective

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Verbs 'trông' + adjective

Verbs 'trông' + adjective

Short explanation:

This structure is used to describe the appearance or look of someone or something.


'trông' + adjective


Cô ấy trông rất xinh đẹp trong chiếc váy mới.
She looks very beautiful in her new dress.
Món ăn này trông rất ngon, tôi muốn thử ngay.
This dish looks very delicious, I want to try it immediately.
Trời trông có vẻ sắp mưa.
The sky looks like it's about to rain.
Sách của bạn trông rất cũ, bạn đọc nó bao nhiêu lần rồi?
Your book looks very old, how many times have you read it?

Long explanation:

'Trông' is a Vietnamese verb meaning 'look' or 'appear.' When combined with an adjective, this structure is used to describe how someone or something looks or appears. The adjective used after 'trông' describes the quality, characteristic, or state that is noticed when looking at someone or something. It is equivalent to saying 'looks + adjective' in English.

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