Decoded Slug: Vietnamese word ‘rồi’

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Vietnamese word ‘rồi’

Vietnamese word ‘rồi’

Short explanation:

Used to indicate a sequence of events or actions, comparable to ‘then’ or ‘and then’ in English.


example of ‘rồi’ in grammar is the action verb in past + ‘rồi’ + rest of the sentence


Tôi ăn tối rồi mới đi xem phim.
I had dinner then went to watch a movie.
Cô ấy đọc sách, rồi đi ngủ.
She read a book, and then went to sleep.
Anh ấy đi làm rồi sau đó về nhà.
He worked and then went home.
Họ chơi bóng rổ rồi sau đó đi ăn.
They played basketball then went to eat.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word ‘rồi’ is used to express a sequence of events or actions. Much like ‘then’ or ‘and then’ in English, ‘rồi’ is quite versatile and can be placed after a verb to denote that the action happened first, before another action or event. It can also show a progression in actions or changes in conditions.

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