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Decoded Slug: ~どう 言いますか。 (〜dou iimasu ka.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~どう 言いますか。 (〜dou iimasu ka.)

~どう 言いますか。 (〜dou iimasu ka.)

Short explanation:

Asking for the way to say something; 'how do you say'.


Word/Phrase + は [language]でどう言いますか、 Word/Phrase + をどう言いますか


「Arigatou」wa eigo de dou iimasu ka.
How do you say 'thank you' in English?
Kono kotoba wo nihongo de dou iimasu ka.
How do you say this word in Japanese?
「Sumimasen」wa furansugo de dou iimasu ka.
How do you say 'excuse me' in French?
Sono hyougen wo supeingo de dou iimasu ka.
How do you say that expression in Spanish?

Long explanation:

The ~どう言いますか grammar point is used to ask someone how to express something in a particular language or the appropriate way to say it. It can be translated as 'how do you say' in English.

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