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Decoded Slug: ~なんと 言いますか。 (〜nan to iimasu ka.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
~なんと 言いますか。 (〜nan to iimasu ka.)

~なんと 言いますか。 (〜nan to iimasu ka.)

Short explanation:

Asking how something is called or referred to; 'how do you say'


Noun + は/が + なんと言いますか


Kono hana wa nan to iimasu ka.
How do you say this flower?
Kono ryouri wa nan to iimasu ka.
What do you call this dish?
Nihon de kore wa nan to iimasu ka.
How do you say this in Japanese?
Sono eiga no namae wa nan to iimasu ka.
What is the name of that movie?

Long explanation:

The ~なんと言いますか grammar point is used to ask how something is called, expressed, or referred to in a polite manner. It can be translated as 'how do you say' or 'what do you call' in English. The formation is used with a noun or a topic where you would like to know the proper expression or name for something.

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