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Decoded Slug: A。けれども、~B。(A. Keredomo,~ B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。けれども、~B。(A. Keredomo,~ B.)

A。けれども、~B。(A. Keredomo,~ B.)

Short explanation:

Used to express a contrast between two statements. It can be translated as 'but' or 'however'.


Statement A + けれども、+ Statement B


Kyou wa harete iru. Keredo mo, samui desu.
It is sunny today. However, it is cold.
Kanojo wa urusai. Keredo mo, omoshiroi desu.
She is noisy. But, she is interesting.
Sono eiga wa nagakatta. Keredo mo, taikutsu janakatta.
The movie was long. But, it wasn't boring.
Kare wa undou ga tokui da. Keredo mo, benkyou wa nigate da.
He is good at sports. However, he is not good at studying.

Long explanation:

The grammar point A。けれども、~B。 is used to express a contrast or contradiction between statement A and statement B. It can be translated as 'but' or 'however' in English. けれども is a conjunction that links two clauses to show there is a conflicting or opposing idea between them.

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