Decoded Slug: A。しかし、~B。 (A. Shikashi, ~B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。しかし、~B。 (A. Shikashi, ~B.)

A。しかし、~B。 (A. Shikashi, ~B.)

Short explanation:

Expresses contrast or contradiction between two clauses; 'A, but B', 'A, however B'.


Sentence A + しかし + Sentence B.


Kyou wa isogashii. Shikashi, jikan ga aru nara, koohii o nomou.
I'm busy today. However, if I have time, let's have coffee.
Sono eiga wa omoshirokatta. Shikashi, nagasugimashita.
The movie was interesting. But, it was too long.
Kare wa tsukareteita. Shikashi, shukudai o owaraseta.
He was tired. However, he finished his homework.
Heya wa semai desu. Shikashi, benri na basho ni arimasu.
The room is small. But, it is in a convenient location.

Long explanation:

The grammar point A。しかし、~B。 is used to show contrast or contradiction between two clauses. It can be translated as 'A, but B' or 'A, however B' in English. しかし is placed between two sentences to indicate a contrast between them.

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