Decoded Slug: A。しかも B。(A. Shikamo B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。しかも B。(A. Shikamo B.)

A。しかも B。(A. Shikamo B.)

Short explanation:

Expressing additional information; 'moreover', 'besides', 'furthermore'.


Statement A + 。しかも + Statement B。


Kono ryouri wa oishii desu. Shikamo, yasui desu.
This dish is delicious. Moreover, it is cheap.
Kare wa yuushuu na gakusei desu. Shikamo, supootsu ga tokui desu.
He is an excellent student. Besides, he is good at sports.
Kanojo wa uta ga jouzu desu. Shikamo, dansu mo jouzu desu.
She is good at singing. Furthermore, she is also good at dancing.
Kono kafe wa fun'iki ga ii desu. Shikamo, koohii mo oishii desu.
This cafe has a nice atmosphere. Moreover, the coffee is also delicious.

Long explanation:

The しかも grammar point is used to express additional information, supplementing or emphasizing what was mentioned before. It can be translated as 'moreover', 'besides', or 'furthermore' in English. Both A and B are independent statements, and しかも is used to connect them.

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