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Decoded Slug: A。じゃ、~B。(A. Ja, ~B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。じゃ、~B。(A. Ja, ~B.)

A。じゃ、~B。(A. Ja, ~B.)

Short explanation:

Indicates a decision or suggestion; 'well then', 'in that case', 'so'.


A: Sentence, B: Sentence (A and B can be any sentence type)


Eiga wa jikan ga nai. Ja, mata kondo ikou.
There's no time for a movie. Well then, let's go another time.
Onaka ga suita. Ja, resutoran ni ikou.
I'm hungry. In that case, let's go to a restaurant.
Densha ga okureta. Ja, basu de ikou.
The train is late. So, let's go by bus.
Kono shatsu wa takai. Ja, betsu no o kau.
This shirt is expensive. Well then, let's buy a different one.

Long explanation:

The A。じゃ、~B。grammar point is used to express a decision, suggestion, or course of action based on a given situation or information. It can be translated as 'well then', 'in that case', or 'so' in English. This grammar works with any form of sentence, whether it's a verb, noun, い-adjective, or な-adjective in both parts (A and B).

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