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Decoded Slug: A。それじゃ、~B。(A. Soreja,~B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。それじゃ、~B。(A. Soreja,~B.)

A。それじゃ、~B。(A. Soreja,~B.)

Short explanation:

Connect two sentences; 'A, so/in that case, B'


Sentence A + 。それじゃ、 + Sentence B


Kyou wa yasumi desu. Soreja, eiga wo mi ni ikimashou.
Today is a day off. In that case, let's go watch a movie.
Denki ga kireta. Soreja, rousoku wo tsukaimashou.
The electricity went out. In that case, let's use candles.
Resutoran ga kondeimasu. Soreja, betsu no basho de tabemashou.
The restaurant is crowded. In that case, let's eat somewhere else.
Ashita wa ame ga furu rashii. Soreja, pikunikku wa chuushi shimashou.
It seems it will rain tomorrow. In that case, let's cancel the picnic.

Long explanation:

The A。それじゃ、~B。grammar point is used to connect two sentences or ideas. It translates to 'A, so/in that case, B' in English. This expression is used when the first sentence (A) creates a situation or context and the second sentence (B) indicates the consequence or response to that situation.

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