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Decoded Slug: A。それでは、~B。(A. Soredewa,~B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。それでは、~B。(A. Soredewa,~B.)

A。それでは、~B。(A. Soredewa,~B.)

Short explanation:

Express a change in situation; 'then', 'in that case', 'so'.


A (Statement) + 。それでは、 + B (Follow-up action or statement)


Kyou wa yasumi da. Sore dewa, eiga wo mi ni ikou.
Today is a day off. In that case, let's go see a movie.
Kono pan wa mou furui desu. Sore dewa, sutemashou.
This bread is already old. Then, let's throw it away.
Ame ga futtekita. Sore dewa, shitsunai de asobou.
It started raining. In that case, let's play indoors.
Onaka ga suita. Sore dewa, nani ka tabe ni ikimashou.
I'm hungry. So, let's go eat something.

Long explanation:

The A。それでは、~B。grammar point is used to express a change in situation or transition from one action to another. It can be translated as 'then', 'in that case', or 'so' in English. The formation consists of two sentences or clauses, with それでは connecting them and reflecting a change based on the previous statement (A).

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