Decoded Slug: A。それなら B。(A. Sore nara B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。それなら B。(A. Sore nara B.)

A。それなら B。(A. Sore nara B.)

Short explanation:

Express 'if that's the case, then'; used to show a logical consequence or decision based on a given situation.


Situation A (sentence) + 。それなら + Situation B (sentence)


Shiken ga chikai. Sore nara, motto benkyou shinakereba naranai.
The exam is coming soon. If that's the case, I must study more.
Ashita wa ame ga furudarou. Sore nara, kasa wo motte ikou.
It will probably rain tomorrow. In that case, let's bring an umbrella.
Karera wa mou kaetta. Sore nara, watashi mo kaerou.
They have already left. If that's the case, I'll go home too.
Ano resutoran wa yoyaku ga ippai da. Sore nara, betsu no basho wo sagasou.
Reservations at that restaurant are full. In that case, let's find another place.

Long explanation:

The A。それなら B。grammar point is used to express a logical consequence or decision based on the given situation in the first part of the sentence (A). The phrase それなら can be translated as 'if that's the case', 'in that case', or 'then' in English.

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