Decoded Slug: A。ちなみに B。(A. Chinamini B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。ちなみに B。(A. Chinamini B.)

A。ちなみに B。(A. Chinamini B.)

Short explanation:

Used to give additional information about the topic; 'by the way', 'incidentally'.


A。ちなみに B。


Kyou wa jugyou ga arimasen. Chinamini, asu mo yasumi desu.
There's no class today. By the way, tomorrow is also a day off.
Kono mise no ramen wa oishii desu. Chinamini, gyoza mo osusume desu.
The ramen at this shop is delicious. By the way, their gyoza is also recommended.
Kare wa kyou wa chikoku shimashita. Chinamini, kinou wa kesseki shimashita.
He was late today. By the way, he was absent yesterday.
Eiga wa omoshirokatta desu. Chinamini, gensaku no hou ga motto ii desu yo.
The movie was interesting. By the way, the original work is even better.

Long explanation:

The ちなみに grammar point is used to provide additional information or a side note about a topic that has been previously mentioned. It can be translated as 'by the way' or 'incidentally' in English. This grammar point is typically used to give further context, background information, or a slight change in topic.

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