Decoded Slug: A。なおB。(A. Nao B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。なおB。(A. Nao B.)

A。なおB。(A. Nao B.)

Short explanation:

Provides additional information; 'moreover', 'besides', 'in addition'.


A (sentence) + なお + B (sentence)


Ashita wa yasumi desu. Nao, getsuyoubi mo yasumi desu.
Tomorrow is a holiday. Moreover, Monday is also a holiday.
Kare wa atama ga yoi desu. Nao, supootsu mo tokui desu.
He is smart. Besides, he is also good at sports.
Kono hon wa omoshiroi desu. Nao, yasui desu.
This book is interesting. In addition, it is cheap.
Watashi wa nihongo wo benkyou shiteimasu. Nao, kankokugo mo benkyou shiteimasu.
I am studying Japanese. Moreover, I am also studying Korean.

Long explanation:

The なお grammar point is used to provide additional information or emphasize an existing fact. It can be translated as 'moreover', 'besides', or 'in addition' in English. なお is placed between two sentences to connect them and provide supplementary information.

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