Decoded Slug: A。要するに B。(A. Yousuru ni B.)

Japanese JLPT Grammar Point
A。要するに B。(A. Yousuru ni B.)

A。要するに B。(A. Yousuru ni B.)

Short explanation:

Expressing 'in short', 'in a nutshell', or 'to sum up' when restating or summarizing A as B.


A。要するに B。


Kono purojekuto wa seikou shimashita. Yousuru ni, watashitachi no chiimu wa subarashii shigoto o shimashita.
This project was successful. In short, our team did a great job.
Kare wa ryouri ga jouzu desu. Yousuru ni, kare wa sugureta shefu desu.
He is good at cooking. In a nutshell, he is an excellent chef.
Kinou wa totemo isogashikatta. Yousuru ni, ichinichijuu hataraite imashita.
Yesterday was very busy. To sum up, I was working all day.
Kanojo wa atarashii shigoto ga suki desu. Yousuru ni, kanojo wa manzoku shiteimasu.
She likes her new job. In short, she is satisfied.

Long explanation:

The A。要するに B。grammar point is used to restate or summarize the information provided in A more concisely as B. It can be translated as 'in short', 'in a nutshell', or 'to sum up' in English. The formation consists of two sentences or statements, A and B, with 要するに (yousuru ni) in between to indicate the summary or restatement of A as B.

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