Decoded Slug: 只有...才... (zhǐyǒu...cái...) - Only if/when... then...

Mandarin Grammar Point
只有...才... (zhǐyǒu...cái...) - Only if/when... then...

只有...才... (zhǐyǒu...cái...) - Only if/when... then...

Short explanation:

Used to express that 'only if/when' condition X happens 'then' Y will happen.


只有 + Condition + 才 + Result


Zhǐyǒu tōngguò nǔlì xuéxí, cái néng tōngguò HSK kǎoshì.
Only by studying hard, can you pass the HSK exam.
Zhǐyǒu dāng nǐ zhēnxīn duìdài biérén, biérén cái huì zhēnxīn duìdài nǐ.
Only when you treat others sincerely, will others treat you sincerely.
Zhǐyǒu jùbèi le zúgòu de zhīshi, cái néng jiějué zhège nántí.
Only with sufficient knowledge, can this difficult problem be solved.
Zhǐyǒu nǔlì le, cái méiyǒu yíhàn.
Only by trying hard, can there be no regrets.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '只有...才...' (zhǐyǒu...cái...) is a conditional construction used to highlight that only under a certain condition, then a particular result can arise. This construction helps to emphasize the exclusivity of the necessary condition for the subsequent result. It is equivalent to saying 'only if or only when' a condition is met in English.

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