Decoded Slug: 无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - No matter what, anyhow

Mandarin Grammar Point
无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - No matter what, anyhow

无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé) - No matter what, anyhow

Short explanation:

Used to express the idea of regardless or anyway.


无论如何 + Rest of the sentence


Wúlùn rúhé, wǒ dōu bìxū yīkào zìjǐ qù wánchéng zhège rènwù.
No matter what, I must rely on myself to complete this task.
Wúlùn rúhé, wǒ dū huì ànshí dàodá nàlǐ.
No matter what, I will arrive there on time.
Wúlùn rúhé, wǒ dōu bù huì fàngqì wǒ de mèngxiǎng.
No matter what, I will not give up my dreams.
Wúlùn rúhé, nǐ dōu bùnéng fàngqì chángshì.
No matter what, you cannot give up trying.

Long explanation:

The Mandarin Chinese phrase '无论如何 (wúlùn rúhé)' is an adverbial clause that signifies the idea of 'no matter what', 'regardless', or 'anyway'. It's used to show determination or the inevitability of a certain outcome or situation, despite whatever factors or circumstances may come into play.

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