Decoded Slug: 无论...都... (wúlùn...dōu...) - No matter what/who/etc., always...

Mandarin Grammar Point
无论...都... (wúlùn...dōu...) - No matter what/who/etc., always...

无论...都... (wúlùn...dōu...) - No matter what/who/etc., always...

Short explanation:

This pattern indicates that a certain result will always happen, regardless of changes in the condition expressed in the '无论' clause.


无论 + Statement, + 都 + Result


Wúlùn wǒmen zài nǎlǐ, wǒmen dōu shì zuì hǎo de péngyǒu.
No matter where we are, we are best friends.
Wúlùn nǐ shuō shénme, wǒ dōu huì zhīchí nǐ de juédìng.
No matter what you say, I will always support your decision.
Wúlùn tiānqì duōme zāogāo, tā dōu huì ànshí wánchéng tā de pǎobù xùnliàn.
No matter how bad the weather is, she always finishes her running training on time.
Wúlùn nǐ qù nǎlǐ, wǒ dōu huì gēnsuí nǐ.
No matter where you go, I will follow you.

Long explanation:

In the Mandarin Chinese language, '无论...都...' (wúlùn...dōu...) functions as a complex sentence pattern denoting 'no matter what, who, where, etc.' The structure is used to emphasize the point that regardless of the situation or condition depicted in the '无论' clause, the outcome expressed in the '都' clause will always hold true. It is akin to the English expressions 'regardless of...' or 'no matter what...'

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