Decoded Slug: กำลัง (gam-lang) - In the process of, currently (present continuous)

Thai Grammar Point
กำลัง (gam-lang) - In the process of, currently (present continuous)

กำลัง (gam-lang) - In the process of, currently (present continuous)

Short explanation:

Indicates that an action is in progress or currently happening, similar to English present continuous tense.


กำลัง + Verb


ฉัน กำลัง ทำ งาน อยู่
Chan gam-lang tham ngan yu
I'm currently working.
เขา กำลัง อ่าน หนังสือ อย่าง ตั้งใจ
Khao gam-lang aan nang-sue yang tang-jai
He is reading a book intently.
เธอ กำลัง ดื่ม กาแฟ ขณะ นี้
Thoe gam-lang duem ga-fae khan-ni
She is drinking coffee right now.
พวกเรา กำลัง ฝึกซ้อม กีฬา อยู่
Phuak-rao gam-lang fek-som ki-la yu
We are practicing sports.

Long explanation:

The term 'กำลัง (gam-lang)' is commonly used in Thai language to denote that an action is currently happening or in process, equivalent to English present continuous tense. It is typically placed before the verb. However, it could also be used at the beginning of a sentence, especially in informal spoken Thai, to underscore the ongoing nature of an event or action.

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