Decoded Slug: Adverb of degree 'khá'

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Adverb of degree 'khá'

Adverb of degree 'khá'

Short explanation:

Used to express a medium level of intensity or degree.


khá + adjective


Cô ấy là một người khá thân thiện.
She is quite a friendly person.
Món này khá ngon, tôi nghĩ bạn nên ăn thử.
This dish is quite delicious, I think you should try it.
Cuốn sách này khá hữu ích cho việc học tiếng Anh.
This book is quite useful for learning English.
Cô ấy hát khá hay.
She sings quite well.

Long explanation:

'Khá' is a Vietnamese adverb of degree used to show a medium level of intensity or degree. It typically comes before the adjective it modifies to express that something is rather, fairly or quite a certain way, but is not at the highest degree.

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