Decoded Slug: Expression 'nhà nước'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Expression 'nhà nước'

Expression 'nhà nước'

Short explanation:

Refers to the concept of 'state' or 'government'.


example of grammar formation for given grammar point


Nhà nước đang thảo luận về việc cải cách hệ thống y tế.
The state is discussing reforming the healthcare system.
Nhà nước có trách nhiệm bảo vệ quyền lợi của công dân.
The state has the responsibility to protect the rights of its citizens.
Nhà nước đang tăng cường các biện pháp phòng chống tội phạm.
The state is intensifying measures to combat crime.
Nhà nước nên tạo điều kiện thuận lợi cho việc kinh doanh.
The state should create favorable conditions for doing business.

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese expression 'nhà nước' is typically used to refer to the concept of a 'state' or a 'government'. The term 'nhà nước' implies a political entity that is responsible for the administration and governance of a nation and its people. It typically involves aspects such as regulation, policy-making, and enforcement of laws.

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